Effectively Train Your Dog with Electric Collars

Some dogs are easier to train than others, it all depends on the breed and that particular dog’s personality. One dog may respond well to commands, while another may need more help and assistance. Electric dog collars may sound a bit harsh, but they are not. They are one of the most effective training aids in the business. Here are some great reasons to use an electric dog collar.

What is an Electric Dog Training Collar?

If you are planning on buying electric dog training collars in Australia, you’ll find some great devices online and at select stores. The easiest way to order a dog training collar is to purchase a product from a reputable company online. Electric dog collars work by delivering a small electric shock when your dog misbehaves. The shock doesn’t hurt the animal, it simply corrects their behaviour and reminds them they are doing something wrong. There is no pain felt by the dog, it is more of a slight discomfort.

There are many good reasons to use an electric dog training collar for your pet, here are just some of them.

Off leash Commands

Most of the time you give commands to your dog while they are beside you. The benefit of using an electric collar is that you can give an off-leash command and they’ll obey it. Most dog training methods work up close, but this device allows you to instruct your dog even when they are at a distance. Without a collar, some dogs just won’t respond when far away from their owner.

No Voice Commands

In some situations, voice commands just aren’t an option. If you own a dog and you can’t communicate in this way for whatever reasons, an electric collar could really help. Some dogs have trouble hearing and don’t respond well to verbal commands. If your dog struggles in this way, using an electric collar to modify their behaviour will help.

The owner isn’t Present

Dog collars can be programmed to deliver a slight shock even when the owner isn’t around. This is important for your dog’s safety as they won’t get into trouble when you aren’t there to supervise them. For example, a collar which works in conjunction with an invisible fence will stop your dog wandering off.

Keep Your Bond

Punishing a dog isn’t the way to teach them, but there are instances when you need to punish them for overly aggressive behaviour. We use positive reinforcement to teach our dogs what is right and what is wrong. You can punish a dog with a collar and don’t won’t know that it came from you, this allows you to keep that bond you’ve worked hard to develop.

There are many successful ways to train your dog, but not all dogs respond to conventional methods. Some dogs struggle with their behaviour and as an owner, you must look at different ways to teach them. For many situations, using an electric dog collar is the best solution. This device has many advantages as listed in the article above.

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