Food Tolerance Test – All That’s Involved

Many individuals face food tolerance which is the body’s immune reaction to specific food ingredients. These foods get difficult for one to digest and also result in discomfort and pain. Therefore, people going through such issues should undergo food sensitivity testing to decipher and identify the types of food responsible for the same.

Symptoms of food tolerance

Food tolerance can show various symptoms. Mentioned below are some of the most common ones.

  •   Stomach pain
  •   Bloating
  •   Irritable bowel
  •   Skin itching and rashes
  •   Diarrhea

To identify the foods to which an individual is allergic, he/she can keep a food diary used to maintain the daily meal consumption and noting the type of food that gives rise to reactions. In this way, individuals can get an understanding of the tolerance is for a specific food or more.

Differences between food allergy, inflammation, and sensitiveness

Food allergy refers to an immune reaction to specific foods. This means the body finds the food as an invader and starts secreting antibodies to protect from it. Some of the most common allergens are milk, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat eggs, and fish.

Food tolerance is something that one’s body is not able to adapt to. For example, if someone has lactose intolerance and consumes milk, he/she might experience loose stool as a reaction. To put it simply, if someone has a lack of any particular enzyme to break down a particular food, it leads to food tolerance for the same.

On the other hand, food sensitiveness is a chronic and low-grade sign of inflammation. The reactions can be immediate or even after 72 hours from food consumption, which the individual is sensitive to. This is why identifying food sensitivity is challenging for anyone, and thus, they need to procure food sensitivity testing.

The solution

Food sensitivity can be something that can bother the comfort of any individual prone to it. Though inflammation is the root cause of everything, the symptoms may get rare and unique too. For example, one might get insomnia which is triggered by his/her sensitivity to black pepper.

Many individuals commence various other practices to determine the food they are sensitive to. Still, the best way to win over such situations is to consult with a reliable medical practitioner and get a sensitivity test.

However, the test is just the tool to identify the root cause or the food, which is driving inconvenience. There can be a lot of nuances to food sensitivities; therefore, it’s recommended to be in continuous touch with a practitioner to heal the issue. The process takes time and demands a commitment, hence, giving a successful and rewarding outcome.

The best tests

One of the most common tests is the IGG test, generally privately labeled by various lab companies. MRT test is another example for getting refined and accurate results, as it looks at food chemicals too.


If an individual is facing any of the symptoms mentioned above, without waiting any longer, they should get food sensitivity testing done at the earliest. Thorough research and finding a reliable lab is all one needs to do to get appropriate results and resolve the issue with a good practitioner’s help.

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