How to Get a Promotion at Work

Getting a promotion is not an easy task. Not only do you have to wait for the right opportunity to come along, you also have to beat the competition internally, as well as showing you are better suited than external clients. If you want to get a promotion, there are a few things you can do to put yourself in a better position at work for when the right role comes along, so here are some ideas to help with career development.

Put yourself forward for training

Many companies offer a variety of training opportunities, but at times, they can struggle to find people willing to go on courses. Let’s face it, going to training courses is not the most fun thing in the world, and it means you have to catch up with work when you return. But it is a good excuse to upskill and network with others in the organisation. Who knows who you might meet? It also shows your commitment to career development.

Get organised

Being organised is a skill that’s essential to pretty much any role, and by using MiGoals 2020 diaries, it’s easy to get your work life sorted. There are a number of simple ways you can get more organised at work, including:

  • Making to do lists for the next day
  • Using your e-mail calendar effectively
  • Ensuring you write things down if you are forgetful
  • Making a rough schedule for the week ahead
  • Categorising the most important jobs to ensure they are done first

Some people cruise along at work and never really bother to get organised, but if you want a promotion, it’s a skill you have to master.

Attend work events

Work events such as Christmas lunches, away days and bake sales may be technically ‘optional’, but rest assured, managers notice when people bother to turn up to these things and contribute. If you want a promotion, you need to show loyalty to the company and that you are a team player, so even if an upcoming event doesn’t really interest you, make an effort to go anyway.

Participate in your annual appraisal

In most mid-size and large companies, employees go through an annual appraisal, which means they sit down with their line manager and go through the good and bad parts of their performance, usually setting goals for the year ahead.

Some employees don’t take much interest in their appraisals, other than wanting to know about any pay rises, so if you want to show you’re serious about your future with the company, spend some extra time filling in the forms and give relevant, real life examples of things you’ve done. If your manager comes up with any negatives, show that you are willing to work on them and ask what you can do to improve.

Promotions are often fought competitively, so it’s worth working on your performance in general throughout the year. Put in some extra hours networking, and you can get ahead of the competition and can start thinking about where your career will take you next.

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