Know All About The Ashes Records Over The Years

One of the primary reasons a player wants to participate in a certain series is because of its records, especially if the series is much more than 130 years old, everybody wants to be included in the series record. Many new athletes desire to be included in the Ashes record among legends like Sir Donald Bradman & Sir Ian Botham, both in Australia and England. Additionally, a sizable number of people want to see both the old Ashes record broken and the new ones set. The information about the next ashes will be broadcasted on ashes news. All of the milestones in Ashes to date are listed here.

Records for batters 

Most Runs in the Ashes

The record for the most Ashes runs belongs to Sir Donald Bradman. In 37 games, he has 5028 runs scored.

Centuries- Ashes

In the Ashes, Sir Donald Bradman had 19 centuries & 12 half-centuries to his credit. He now holds the record for the most hundreds in the Ashes.

The average of Ashes

With 89.78 in 63 innings over 37 games, Sir Donald Bradman holds the highest batting avg in the Ashes.

Most Ducks Ashes

Sydney Edward Gregory of Australia, who seems to have 11 ducks in 52 games (92 innings) in the Ashes, holds the record for the number of ducks. It is noteworthy that 11 of his 12 ducks during his career occurred in the Ashes solo.

Bowling Records for Ashes

Most Wickets Ashes

With 195 wickets in 36 games, Shane Warne maintains the record for the highest Ashes dismissals (72 innings). In 11 different innings, he took 5 wickets, and in 4 different matches, he took 10 wickets. Due to this, he is now considered a famous Ashes bowler.

Most 5 Wicket Hauls Ashes

The milestone for the greatest 5-wicket hauls within Ashes belongs to Englishman Sydney Barnes, who accomplished it twelve times in the 20 games (36 innings).

Most 10 Wicket Hauls Ashes

The milestone for the greatest 10-wicket hauls in an Ashes match is shared by Shane Warne & Thomas Richardson. These two bowlers each have 4, 10-wicket hauls unto their credit.

The economy in Ashes

An English player named William Attewell holds the record for the greatest economy with a rate of 1.31 runs per over. In 10 matches, he spun 475 overs and therefore only allowed 626 runs to be scored, setting a new record.

Ashes Best Bowling Stats

Jim Laker holds the greatest bowling statistics in an innings (10/53), as well as the highest scoring statistics in a game (19/90). He accomplished this during the fourth Ashes test, played in Manchester in 1956. He was successful in taking nine wickets in the initial innings and all ten in the second. By an innings & 170 runs, the English team triumphed.

Most Ashes Catches

With a total of 54 receptions in 32 games, Sir Ian Botham holds the record for the most catches (62 innings).

Individual records for Ashes

Most Ashes-related games played

Sydney Gregory has played 52 Ashes matches, which is the most in the series’ history. His total run total is 2193, with a high score of 201 runs.

Australia’s Allan Border has led his country in the Ashes’ most games while serving as captain, and he’s also led his team to the most victories. As a captain, he has participated in 28 games and has won 13, while only losing 6.

Ashes Most Valuable Player

Steven Smith, an Australian player, holds the record for most Man of the Game awards in Ashes history. He has won six of these trophies in the Ashes thus far, with the sixth victory coming during the first game of the 2019 Ashes.

The series’ top man is Ashes

Shane Warne & Glenn McGrath, both Australian athletes, now hold the records for most Man of Series honors (2 each). All the others have only received this honor once thus far.

Team records for the Ashes

Chased the Highest Total

Australia holds the record for successfully chasing the greatest Ashes score, having done it in 1948 in Headingley. Their goal was 404. With a score of 182 and 173, respectively, Arthur Morris & Donald Bradman both reached the century mark in this inning.

Lowest Defended Ashes Total

Australia currently holds the record for the Ashes’ lowest total successfully defended, having done so in 1882 in London, when the Ashes series was first introduced. In the fourth innings of the game, Fredrick Spofforth got 7 wickets, which resulted in England’s first home defeat.

Wicket’s highest partnership in the Ashes

At The Oval on August 18, 1934, Donald Bradman (244) & Bill Ponsford (266) put up the biggest partnership in terms of wickets, scoring 451 runs for the second wicket. By a margin of 562 runs, Australia won the game.

Most wins in Ashes

Australia had won 134 of the 331 games that have been played so far in the 70 games that have made up the Ashes series. With just 106 wins, England has much fewer victories than Australia. There have already been 90 Ashes matches drawn, and there may be a few more this time around. However, in regards to series victories, Australia and England are almost on pace, with Australia outpacing England by a slim 33-32 advantage. 2019 will undoubtedly see England attempt to tie this Ashes record.

The highest total of ashes

The England cricket team scored the greatest Ashes total of 903/7 dec in 1938 just At the Oval, winning the game by an innings & 579 runs. In the game, Joe Hardstaff (169) & Maurice Laeyland (187) each managed to knock hundreds of runs in addition to Sir Leonard Hutton’s 364 run total.

Lowest Ashes Score

The Australian cricket side scored just 36 runs against England’s 376/9 dec at Birmingham in 1902, producing the lowest Ashes total ever. There was a draw in the game.

Largest Ashes victories

The largest Ashes win ever is still England’s triumph just At the Oval in 1938, by an innings & 579 runs. With a 675-run triumph, England currently holds the record for the largest Ashes victory in runs alone. Patsy Hendren from England struck a hundred (169) during the first innings of the Test during the match that took place in Brisbane in 1928. Australia was knocked out for just 66 runs while attempting to score 742 runs. However, Australia has five 10-wicket triumphs in the Ashes, compared to three for England, which is the largest win by wickets. 

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