OSHA Forklift Training: Points to Note

For a company that requires her employees to use powered industrial trucks and forklifts, safety measures go without saying. To reduce risk during working, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1910.178 recommends forklift training, informal instruction, practical training, and employee evaluation in the workplace.

What are the potential hazards for a forklift operator?

Blind spots and load stability are the main areas in which accidents are likely to strike in the course of work. The forklift is majorly operated in reverse to help the operators see the places he wants to cover. In the process, the load might form a blind spot. When working on slopes or slippery areas, the trucks and their loads lose stability hence causing undesirable hazards.

What does the forklift refresher training package entail?

The refresher training package is fashioned to ensure forklift operators are equipped with the knowledge on how to stay safe while working. The best part is that the online OSHA forklift refresher training takes 20 minutes only.

The refresher training’s primary goal is to enable an employee to Understand and work within the OSHA forklift limitation. An employee is also able to avoid the potential risk while operating a forklift. Also, an employee can learn how to employ proper peruse inspections before using the forklift. By the time the refresher training is complete, an employee will be knowledgeable about maintaining his forklift; they can refuel or recharge it when need be.

What is required of every trainer?

A forklift trainer must meet the qualifications stipulated under 1910.178(l) (2) (iii) of OSHA. The provision states that for one to qualify as a trainer and evaluator, they must have the knowledge, training, and expertise to train others.

Trainer qualifications are clearly outlined in the preamble to the December 1998 rule. Under this rule, OSHA depicts that a performance-oriented approach must be adopted to ascertain trainers’ and evaluators’ qualifications.

The rule further provides that because OSHA lacks the necessary ability to check on trainers’ qualifications, they must meet the standard qualifications required for them to be trainers in the industry. A trainer must produce a degree certificate from a recognized institution or show proof of working experience as a trainer to qualify as one.

How can a trainer evaluate the employees’ performance?

The performance of the employee can’t be ascertained by way of written exams only. OSHA dictates that a trainer makes his or her observation on the employee during practical sessions to ensure that they can observe all safety requirements. After making these observations, they can ask the employee all the vital questions concerning the entire training.


OSHA is not interested in your driver’s license; its main focus is empowering every forklift operator with the knowledge to remain safe in the course of working. However, it is suitable for the operator to know about driving as it is an essential requirement. Companies must endeavor to have their employees undertake the OSHA forklift training, to help reduce accidents.

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