Reasons Why Women Should Add Protein Powder In Their Healthy Routine

Restricting yourself from buying that favorite-flavored protein powder from the market just for fear of accumulating unnecessary muscle mass like a man is a misconception you have about proteins in general. So far, you’ve thought that protein drinks are protein-rich food serving nutritional benefits solely to men. However, here’s a different factual story.

Saying that proteins are the building blocks of muscles, enzymes, skin, and hormones isn’t a misconception. In fact, both for men and women, proteins serve a fundamental role in body tissues. Every diet plan should include the required amount of protein as it encourages the following pointers (mentioned as ‘reasons’). Here’s how protein powder for women are health-beneficial:

#1 Promotes Weight Loss

Losing weight is associated with burning calories you consume daily. And protein powder for women promotes weight loss by increasing the calorie amount to burn. What’s more, it also speeds up metabolism in both men and women.

Proteins are regarded as a saturated macronutrient. Its ability to reduce your appetite is the most important reason why protein powder for women promotes weight loss. And the feeling of satiety you get after having your meal is because you added protein to it. After all, protein being a crucial part of your diet is also suitable for multiple fitness recipes too!

#2 Establishes Workout Physique

Women who love their workout routine can get the physique required for it. No, it doesn’t mean that women will develop the same kind of muscles that men build after consuming protein powder. Women do not produce as much testosterone as men do for developing hair, larynx, and muscles.

But as it acts as a dietary supplement, drinking protein shakes every day will help women achieve the right body physique that otherwise seemed impossible even after a tedious workout routine. In simpler words, toning the body structure becomes easier with protein drinks.

#3 Supports Healthy Immune System & Improves Strength

Out of 20 amino acids, nine are fundamental. However, your body cannot make all nine of them by itself. The only way to include them for proper functioning is from the diet. While food items rich in micronutrients can offer these, not all items can offer all of them together. This is where the protein powder becomes an essential product to protect muscle mass from catabolism, maintain the immune system, and boost hormonal function.

Additionally, whey protein powder for women (as it contains a massive amount of immunoglobulins, tripeptide), and glutathione) enhances your immune system. It also strengthens your bones, nails, and hair.

How Much Protein Should Women Consume Per Day?

The amount of protein that you need to consume each day depends on multiple factors, such as energy intake, physical activities, and individual growth. The daily intake of protein powder for women gets estimated on the basis of body weight as the percentage of calorie intake or age, as tabulated below:

Based on Their Physical Activities

Protein Amount Per Day

Active Athletes

          1,5 – 2,2 g/kg

Women training 1 – 3 times each week

          1 – 1,5 g/kg

Women who are in sedentary professions

          0,8 g/kg

An Endnote

Anticipating that protein powder can only drive health benefits for women is a sheer understatement. Even for men, it helps regenerate tissues like skeletal muscles, hair, bones, cartilage, nails, blood, and skin. From producing enzymes & hormones for regulating metabolism or growth to promoting a healthy immune system, it does everything in between!

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