Renew or Buy Two Wheeler Insurance online during this rainy season

The rainy season is here, the season of cold breezes, lush greenery, and the soothing sound of pouring water. But the rainy season is not all about romance, hot tea/coffee, or long drives. Rainy season in India is a bit rough, especially in coastal regions with heavy rains making roads wet. This makes the roads slippery, and vehicles skid, causing damage to the vehicle. Also, due to heavy rains, visibility on the road gets reduced, resulting in collisions. Not to forget the damage caused to the vehicles due to potholes.

In the rainy season, you must take special precautions to keep your vehicle in a good state and avoid mishaps, especially if it is a two-wheeler. You must take your two-wheeler for regular servicing. Also, replace the fuel filter, air filter, and check suspension and silencer at regular intervals. Make sure all the essential lights like headlights, tail lights, parking, and emergency lights are working fine.

Besides taking these precautions, buy bike insurance so that in case you happen to face a mishap, it will save you from the damage cost.

How to renew bike insurance online?

Nowadays, it has become easy to renew or buy bike insurance. This is because many insurance companies offer their services via online portals. These online websites allow you to pay premiums via NEFT, credit card, debit card, etc. This means no standing in long queues, no travelling, and no waiting for long hours. To renew your bike insurance online, all you need to do is visit the official website of your insurer, log in to your account, click on the renew policy option, and fill-up the details related to your vehicle. The payment can be made online, and you will receive the notification as the proof as well.

Why should you renew bike insurance online?

  • Makes you a law-abiding citizen – In India, a basic policy that is third-party insurance is mandatory. Renewing the policy on time can save you from penalties. Timely renewing the bike insurance policy will make you a law-abiding citizen. You can easily do this by renewing bike insurance online.
  • You stay insured – When people buy bike insurance, the main purpose is to stay insured against the risks a vehicle faces. A bike insurance policy covers the policyholder against accidents, man-made and natural calamities, etc. The rate of accidents increases in monsoon, which makes it more important to renew timely. 
  • Keeps NCB active – NCB that is no claim bonus is an incremental discount that insurance companies offer while renewing the bike insurance policy in case the policyholder hasn’t raised any claim during the year.
  • Advantage of not breaking policy – It is necessary to renew the bike insurance policy before the expiry date. If you renew after the expiry date of your policy, then it is considered as break-in and can charge you an increase in premium amount.
  • The benefit of in-time renewal – As discussed, monsoon season can bring many expenses to your bike. Also, wet roads make vehicles more prone to accidents. Hence, this is the best time to renew the policy in case it is due.
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