Steps to do When Involved in a Lemon Case

In the US, lemon laws are specific regulations meant to cover the consumer, should they purchase an automobile or other consumer products/services, and they fail to be useful as per the set standards.

lemon law attorney specializes in such disputes and will represent the aggrieved party in court to ensure that they get fair compensation. They will do everything within their jurisdiction to ensure that manufacturers uphold their end of the bargain.

Anyone can find themselves with a lemon car. It is, without a doubt, infuriating and frustrating. In most cases, people tend to be confused and uninformed on what to do next, all of which are reasonable emotional reactions.

You could attempt to try and solve the case on your own but you’ll probably get short-changed. Seeking legal representation is undoubtedly the easiest and certain means of ensuring you get fair compensation.

Reasons to Hire A Lemon Attorney

  • Legal Representation

When most people are faced with a legal matter, they tend to get confused on what to do next. This is especially true if you don’t have any past experience in such affairs. This is where lemon law attorneys come in handy. These professionals will help you navigate the mucky waters while holding your hand through-out the whole legal process.

The attorney can offer much-needed insight on how to proceed with your claims. This increases the chances of winning the lawsuit against a manufacturer.

  • Independent Expert Review

A lemon law lawyer will be assisting you in getting a reliable second opinion if you’re facing a lemon case. It’s easier and quicker to identify whether or not you truly have a claim against a manufacturer through their mechanics.

  • Speed

Ensure you get an attorney who isn’t afraid of going to court to find out what you’re owed. With one by your side during the process, you may end up getting a fair compensation quickly.

If the defendant realizes you have a case, they’ll want to settle you fast to avoid high attorney fees.

Clearly, a lemon law attorney by your side will help you out a lot. Getting competent legal representation is crucial since it will help win your case. Here are a few pointers on how you can go about doing this:

  • Research

There are numerous tools at your disposal you can use to get the best legal representation. With most firms operating blogs or websites, it’s easy to compare details, i.e., fees, services, location, and book an appointment. You could also ask around your circle of friends and family for any trustworthy referrals.

  • Interview

Once you have shortlisted at least two firms, it’s time to meet up for an interview. In most cases, firms won’t charge you for this step. However, if they try to get as much information in the shortest time possible from you, the process might burn a hole through your wallet.

  • Experience

If you are heading to court, you will need a firm with plenty of experience handling such matters. This doesn’t mean that a lawyer with less experience won’t deliver. It just increases your odds of winning.

  • Location, location

While shopping around, make sure to take note of where the attorney is located. Why? If they come from a different location, then you could incur extra fees for transportation.

Other than monetary reasons, there’s the possibility that they could arrive late for your case due to traffic. Get someone located close to where you live.

Should you find yourself in a lemon case and are afraid of going to court due to fees, don’t be. Lemon laws in each state mandate the manufacturer to pay for your lemon law fees.

An experienced lemon law attorney works on a fee-shifting basis whereby they keep track of their time and later on bill the manufacturer.

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