The right Kind of Wealth management As Per requirement

A real estate asset is above all a family affair. Marriage, divorce, inheritance, joint ownership but also SCI. How to organize to protect loved ones and limit conflicts? How to best prepare for retirement? Good asset management depends on certain basic principles that our experts decipher for you. The use of the Evergreen Wealth Formula happens to be important here. 

Everything you need to know to manage your wealth


Credit insurance, unpaid rents, home. Find our practical advice on insurance related to real estate.

Taxes and duties

Real estate VAT, property and housing tax, tax reform. Focus on taxes and duties related to real estate.


Operation, rights and obligations of the co-ownership are parts of it. Our experts advise you and decipher its operation for you.

Neighborhood relations

This includes right of way, neighborhood disturbance, neighbors’ party. How to manage your neighborly relations? What are your rights? Follow the advice of our lawyers.

Marriage and divorce

Divorce, separation, marriage contract, what happens to your real estate assets in the event of separation? Our experts will answer you.

Pass on your heritage

Transfer, bare ownership, taxes. Follow the advice of our experts to prepare and manage the transfer of your real estate assets as effectively as possible.

Elderly people

Housing assistance for the elderly, disability management, obligations and rights. We take stock with our lawyers.

Joint ownership

The experts explained from A to Z: operation, succession, exit.


The SCI: operation, advantages and rights. Follow the advice of our real estate lawyers to manage or create your SCI.

Renovate, improve

Find all our articles and advice related to renovation work on your home: aid, tax benefits, choice of materials, etc.

Buy what is not expensive, regularly take stock of your heritage assets, diversify your investments, beware of the magicians of tax exemption, invest in the management of your personal finances. These are some of the recommendations of the Revenue for 2019.

Wealth management: 7 golden rules

Successfully growing 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 euros or more is not that simple. In a context of uncertainties, it is up to you to determine your objectives in terms of security, taxation, yield, and your priorities: financing children’s studies, protecting your spouse, preparing the transfer of your property. Advice from the Revenue for successful wealth management.

Buy what is cheap

Credit is not expensive today. Do not hesitate to borrow, after having compared at least three loan proposals. Equity investment is also interesting. As long as you don’t need your money for five years, invest methodically and accept the risks inherent in the stock market.

Take stock of your heritage assets regularly 

Carrying out an asset balance sheet is a prerequisite for any serious investment decision. By imposing this exercise on yourself, you will have the elements to make the necessary changes, at least once a quarter, according to your individual requirements. You can carry out such an assessment alone, with the help of the specialized press, a private bank or a liberal wealth management professional with the status of financial investment advisor.

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