Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Purifier Online

With the arrival of summer and monsoon comes the worry of protecting your family from all sorts of water-borne life-threatening diseases. Water contamination is a serious concern as it can lead to various health issuers. Since water-borne issues are spreading at an alarming rate, the demand for water purifier has shot up in the online shopping stores like Paytm Mall, Amazon, etc. As these trusted shopping stores are flooded with different brands of water purifiers, this has created confusion in the mind of a consumer as which one they should buy online.

Below-mentioned are the top 5 parameters that you must consider before buying a water purifier online for your home.

Test the water quality

One crucial thing that people ignore is testing the water quality before selecting the water purifier. The process to choose the right purifier online starts with understanding what type of purifier you actually need. Mostly, the need is based on the quality of water being supplied to the house. The type of harmful impurities found in water like pollutants, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and hardness, it all depends on the sources of water supplied to the home. In such cases, RO is an excellent pick for you. There are plenty of brands offering quality RO purifier online at the best price.

Water contamination

If water supplied to your house is rich in microbes, bacteria, and contaminants, then a UV based RO purifier will be a smart choice. The effects of UV penetrate the cells of bacteria and viruses, destroying their ability to reproduce.

Storage capacity of water purifier

Both UV and RO filtration are advanced water purification technologies and operate on electricity. Before installing any or both the technology in your home, you should first consider the capacity of storage in a water purifier, especially in the areas where power cut issues are prevalent. In such a case, you should buy a model online with more storage capacity or activated carbon purifiers.


When it comes to exploring the best water purifier brands, you should check it with sites like Paytm Mall, Amazon, which has maintained an array of reputed water purifier collections at a reasonable market price. Choose the brand that has received government certification like ISO, NSF certification, CE certification, etc.

Compare the price and feature of water purifier

Before making the final purchase, compare the features, specifications as well as price of different water purifiers online. The best part is that you can explore all the variety under one roof without even a need to visit different brand stores. Compare each one of them on the basis of price, specification, ratings, and reviews and buy the one that suits best and get it immediately installed. Also, you can take a look at the customer reviews available and on the basis of that make your final call.

Consider these points before finalizing the water purifier for the right decision so that you don’t have to regret later.

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