Things to Consider When Choosing a Shared Workspace

One of the most recent trends in offices is sharing with other individuals and businesses. The trend involves various businesses working in a common working space, therefore, enabling them to meet and collaborate with various people. Some of the benefits reaped by businesses that share workspace include the chance to work from the comfort of their homes and owning a workspace in which the rent charges are shared. Many large cities have fallen into the coworking trend. Additionally, there are various options of shared workspaces to choose from depending on your space needs. People usually have various space needs such as privacy and silence. Selecting a suitable workspace can therefore be challenging. To find some of the best shared workspace Los Angeles you need to know a few tricks and tips to consider.

The growth experienced in the coworking market has led to an increase in demand for shared offices and coworking spaces. At first, most businesses did not embrace this trend thinking of the number of desks and commotion in the workspace. With time, many businesses have opted for shared workspaces especially in big cities such as LA, London, Sydney, and Seattle among others. Shared workspaces have proved to be very flexible and help most businesses minimize expenditures, improve their agility and provide their teams with a variety of choices. Most businesses have realized an improvement in workers’ productivity with many of them claiming that such spaces provide them with an opportunity to be creative. Additionally, businesses can utilize amenities and spaces without added leasing costs and hidden additional costs.

The numerous benefits of shared office workspace can only be achieved if a business chooses a suitable, workable space that will meet their needs. Below are some of the things you should consider when selecting a co-shared workspace especially in large cities.

  1. Office Facilities

The office space being offered should be equipped with standard office equipment. Some of the most essential amenities include phone rooms, projectors, conference facilities, and private spaces. A business should inquire about these before they settle on a particular space.

  1. Perks

Having perks such as free tea and coffee in a shared office is among the most essential provisions to check out for. The perks are beneficial to most of the business team members and may have to be tested in case they are planning on using them continuously. Other considerable perks include gym areas, lunch areas, and outdoor spaces.

  1. Fast Internet

Businesses are currently using internet services for most of their operations. This means that space with fast reliable internet access is very essential to ensure efficiency.

  1. Access

Check on your business working hours to avoid choosing a space that will hinder access during business hours. The space should preferably be open 24/7 to allow you and your team to organize and plan the business’s working hours carefully.

  1. Security

Businesses have a lot of confidential information, property, and matters. This, therefore, calls for strict security measures around the premises. Ask for the security protocols and measures in the location especially if you leave the workspace overnight unguarded.

  1. Hidden Costs

Check and ask whether the shared workspace charges on other services such as printing and using the conference rooms. There may also be additional costs on amenities such as the coffee-making machines and the kitchen space.

  1. Workspace Environment

When selecting the location of the shared workspace, examine the area and identify other useful features such as the commuter routes, gym, and other surrounding facilities such as lunch areas. A workspace with a suitable environment also provides you with the opportunity of meeting new clients in the area.

  1. Trial periods

Lastly, inquire whether the workspace provides new occupants with a trial period chance before they can settle and sign a contract. The trial period gives your business the chance of testing the workability of the space.


Coworking spaces have recently become a preference for most businesses due to the benefits they reap using such workspaces. There are a variety of designs and offers for different spaces hence the need to choose carefully a suitable and functional space.

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