Tips on Cutting Down Alcohol

Most people have a great time enjoying an alcoholic beverage while they watch a sporting event or spend time with friends. Having an occasional drink is typically not a problem, but too much drinking will get you in trouble.

Many people who struggle with alcohol started drinking because it was fun. However, things can quickly spiral out of control, and alcoholism can adversely impact all aspects of life. People constantly lose their jobs and families because they can’t stop drinking.

Even if you’re not to that point, too much alcohol is bad for your health. When you drink too much, you’re more likely to gain weight, experience high blood pressure, and experience heart problems. Too much alcohol can impair your body’s immune system and limit your cognitive abilities.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drinking too much and would like to cut it down, here are some tips to get you started. Hopefully, these strategies will help you get your alcohol consumption to a level you can better manage, and that’s better for your health-wise.

Start Setting Personal Limits

A lack of self-discipline is one of the biggest issues regarding drinking. You tell yourself that you’re only going to have one or two drinks at the company happy hour, but then you end up booking an uber home because you’ve had too many and can’t drive.

Or, you don’t tell yourself anything, and you love to get drunk even when you have obligations. In either case, cutting down is hard when you don’t limit drinking.

Start by setting personal limits when you go out with friends or at a drinking work function. When you have something in your mind, you’ll be more likely to stop when you get to two or three drinks, or whatever the limit is.

If possible, tell your spouse or your friend at the start of the event or gathering. Verbalizing your drink limit will hold you accountable and make you more obliged to follow the goal you set for yourself.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

If you’re going to drink, be judicious about what you’re drinking and how much. You can cut your overall alcoholic intake by choosing low-alcohol options. Conversely, you can cut calories by drinking clear liquors that don’t come with all those carbs.

Depending on your goals and reasons for cutting down on alcohol, the types of drinks you buy or make at home have a significant impact. For example, you can limit your caloric intake by avoiding high-sugar drinks full of syrups.

Structure Your Time Away from Drinking

Many people feel pressured to drink because most of their social activities involve drinking. Whether you’re watching the game at a friend’s house or you’re going to a professional happy hour, people will look at you funny if you don’t have a drink in your hand. At least, that’s how most people feel others will act.

Whenever possible, structure your schedule so you aren’t around drinking as much. Start inviting your friends to join you at the gym or on a hike. Pick up some sports or try new hobbies that don’t involve drinking. New activities are a fantastic way to mix things up and reduce how much alcohol you drink.

Keep Alcohol Out of the House

One of the best things you can do to reduce your alcohol consumption is to make it harder to access. If you have a daily drinking habit that you want to stop, try getting all the drinks out of the house, so you won’t be tempted all the time.

It’s hard to have self-discipline when a beer is just an arm’s reach away. The same goes for nightly margaritas that help you wind down after a long day. If the alcohol is out of the house, you’ll grab some water or something healthier instead.

Avoid Stress

People turn to drink when they’ve had a long day at work or something else stresses them out, like being with the kids all day.

When that happens, all you want to do is relax on the couch and have a few drinks to take the edge off.

However, stress is often tied to the over-consumption of alcohol, so be careful about your access to drinks if you’re in a stressful job or social situation. Avoiding stress can make it easier not to reach for a drink because you don’t feel like you need something external to cool you off.

Peptides & Drinking

Melanotan-2 is a synthetic cyclic lactam analog of naturally occurring melanocyte-stimulating hormone. It reportedly engages signaling pathways similar to endogenous melanocortins. Melanotan-2 boosts the immune system and metabolism in research on animal subjects.

Regarding alcohol consumption, test subjects given Melanotan-2 saw reduced dependence and increased tolerance. It blunted ethanol intake, suggesting that the peptide can possibly aid in addictive behaviors and enhance treatment methods.

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