Uses Of Colored Concrete

Cement dye is a relatively new idea. It is a beautiful way to add color and a little unique sparkle to a home or art project. There are so many uses for colored cement. Many people use it in their homes. Some people even use colored cement to make cool art and cell it. Such as stepping stones in a garden. There are so many ideas of things to use colored cement for. Consider these ideas that use colored cement.


The most common place colored cement is used is in construction. It is an inexpensive way to simply floor a room like a mudroom or kitchen. Mudrooms are perfect places for colored cement because it adds style and color but is inexpensive and easy to clean. Colored concrete is the perfect flooring substitute.

Another place in construction where colored concrete might be used is in concrete that is going to end up exposed. Wall structures and fence structures might utilize colored concrete if the cement is going to remain exposed. For example, in areas like New Mexico, concrete homes are super common and utilize a lot of colored concrete.

Colored concrete is also very common in commercial purposes. Huge companies that utilize large cement structures for storage are common to use colored concrete to make them look nice. Large commercial structures are perfect for any type of colored concrete. Companies will use colored concrete to catch the eye of passer byers and be a type of marketing

Art Decor

Professional artists also use colored concrete in order to make cool art projects. Large cement statues likely will use colored concrete. Along with that if you are building a small art project like stepping stones or a small rock wall then you will likely need to use colored concrete. Cement dyes are perfect for simple but beautiful art.


Have you ever seen a huge rock wall or tiled room and wondered how they got the pretty colors in between the rocks or tiles? Colored cement is perfect for these home projects. Colored cement gives an individual and interesting finish to any project. When using colored concrete as mortar it is super important to get the ratios right to ensure that your cement is going to set correctly.

Benefits of Cement Homes

The major benefit of a concrete home made from all types of colored concrete is that they are beautiful. Colored concrete is a type of art that can transform a home into a beautiful masterpiece. Along with that concrete is superheat and fire resistant. Concrete homes are likely not going to catch on fire and if they do they will not burn all the way to the ground.

The Logistics Behind Colored Concrete

You would think that colored concrete would be as simple as just adding a little dye to some concrete. However that is not the case. Because it takes a lot of dye to ensure that the concrete will change color even after the cement has set. There are professional cement dyes and there are also ideas online for adding everyday products to the concrete to color it.

Dyed concrete is a great option for many different projects. From simple art projects to large construction there are many places you may see colored concrete. Colored concrete is more difficult to construct then most would assume. You have to be sure to have the perfect concoction of dye, cement and water to ensure a perfect mix. It is also a good idea to utilize commercial dyes to make this process a little easier. Consider these few facts about colored concrete.

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