Have you always been unhappy with the way your nose looks or your nose has been damaged? Then, Rhinoplasty Toronto is the way to go. During this COVID 19 crisis, we have all been stuck at our own homes and there is a need to practice social distancing in order to protect ourselves from the virus. Despite the situation that we are in, you could still make use of it by doing extensive research on the procedure. With social distancing norms in place, instead of booking an in-person consultation, you can book an e-consultation. Here is all that you need to know about this procedure.

What does rhinoplasty mean?

We have all heard the term ‘rhinoplasty’ every now and then and wondered what does it exactly mean. The word ‘Rhino’ is derived from a Greek word, ‘Rhin’ which means nose or nasal. A Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job is a plastic surgery procedure which is performed on the nose. Plastic surgery is usually carried out for two reasons. First, in order to correct any breathing difficult or damaged airways. The second reason is for aesthetic purpose.

How does rhinoplasty help?

Deviated septum usually causes difficulty in breathing. It blocks the airflow which causes a lack of oxygen supply to the bloodstream, which in turn causes snoring and sometimes even low self-esteem. A deviated septum also makes the nose crooked. Undergoing the procedure can help to straighten the septum and restore normal airflow.

With more and more technologies becoming available, people who have been unhappy with the way their nose looks have started to opt for rhinoplasty procedure. The surgery can restore the balance of your face and pale the nose in a better proportion to the other features of your face. However, it is crucial that you understand that very few people have a perfectly symmetrical face. One of the primary goals of this procedure is to change the appearance of your nose while making it look natural.

How does rhinoplasty work?

You can change the size of your nose and make it larger with the help of implants or even make it smaller. Nose job helps to change the profile of your nose by removing the humps or building up depressions on the bridge and change the nasal tip which may be hooked, turned up or bulbous. The procedure changes the position or size of nostrils and width of the nose. It also makes the noose to be proportional to other features.

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When deciding whether to undergo a rhinoplasty, it is a great decision to book a consultation with a qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon. An experienced surgeon will add to the aesthetic outcome of the procedure. Dr Cory Torgerson is one of the most qualified plastic surgeons who has been certified by the Royal College of Physicians. During your consultation, they will help you to visualize the change that you want to achieve. The state of the art surgical facility only adds to the experience. Opting for someone who is as experienced as Dr Cory will make your rhinoplasty experience smooth.

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