What Justifies a Honda Unicorn Bike Insurance Policy?

When we talk about buying a bike in India, one of the first brands that will come into our minds is Honda. Honda bikes have been ruling the Indian two-wheeler market for a long time and justifiably so. They understand the needs and desires of the Indian people and have been producing bikes according to this need. When Honda came out with their Unicorn, it was yet another hit because of its handling on Indian roads. It has now emerged as one of the most beloved street bikes. The Honda Unicorn BS-VI raises the bar for Honda’s two-wheeler manufacturing prowess and is renowned for striking a good mix between integrity, comfort, and style.

If you want to buy a Honda Unicorn, you must know that having Honda Unicorn Insurance is a must. You can buy your insurance policy for the bike online in just a few minutes and secure yourself against many troubles in the future.

Why Does One Need to Buy a Honda Unicorn Bike Insurance

Many people who buy Honda bike insurance only buy it grudgingly. They are buying insurance for their bike because they know they will not be allowed to drive their bike on the roads of India without valid insurance for the bike. What people do not understand is perhaps just how helpful a Honda bike insurance can be. Thus, we will discuss a few points to help you understand how buying bike insurance can be helpful.

The law mandates it

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 covers all rules and laws about vehicles. According to this law, all bike owners are required to purchase bike insurance. Failure to do so will be viewed as a violation of the law, and you would be subject to a penalty. The fine for operating a bike without appropriate insurance is ₹2000 if you are caught once. Repeated offences will result in a higher fine. Repeated offences could also result in the cancellation of your licence, and you could also be imprisoned for 3 months.

Financial Help

When you have bike insurance, it takes off a big financial burden from your shoulders. For example, say you are in an accident and have caused harm to a person or another vehicle. The cost of treatment or repair will fall on you, which can be quite a big expense. However, if you have insurance, the insurance provider will take care of this. If you have comprehensive bike insurance, your insurance will not only take care of the financial burden of third-party people and vehicles but you and your vehicle will also be taken care of accordingly.

No Claim Bonus- This NCB is essentially a discount for riding safely and without filing any claims. The NCB in two-wheeler insurance is subtracted from the premium and increases to 50% if you go five years without filing a claim. You can use this amount to get better features or add add-ons to your policy.

Insurance Policy for Bike Online- When you are buying insurance for your bike online, you get many benefits. You can compare different policies and plans to find one that is the most suitable for you. You can also reduce the Honda Unicorn insurance price when you buy your insurance online. Your policy options increase significantly when buying a policy online.

IDV- You can feel secure against the possibility of bike thefts by purchasing a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan. If your motorbike is stolen, you can file a claim after all the evidence is in place. Bike insurance has a feature known as Insured Declared Value. This value must be set when you are buying your insurance, and setting it correctly is essential. Once your insurance provider accepts your claim, you will get the IDV amount as a reimbursement. Thus, even in the event of bike theft, you sustain little financial loss.

Summing Up

Having Honda bike insurance is one of the best ways of keeping your bike safe. You need to remember that Indian roads are not the safest when it comes to driving, so going the extra mile and getting a good policy will do you a world of good.

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