5 Tips for Choosing the Best Divorce Attorney

Divorce in Florida is referred to as the dissolution of marriage. Although a divorce attorney’s services may be important, couples can seek to file for their divorce without the help of an attorney. This process is known as a simplified dissolution procedure. It is only allowed if the couple doesn’t have any other issue for the judge to decide except for dissolving the marriage.

Situations When A Couple Can File for A Simplified Dissolution Procedure

Couples can only file for a simplified dissolution procedure if:

  • They have no minor or dependent children, whether born before, during, or after the marriage.
  • The wife is not currently pregnant
  • They don’t have a property together, have already decided how to, and divided the property, or they don’t mind losing the property if the one partner doesn’t mind losing the property in case the other refuses to uphold the agreement
  • No spouse wants alimony

If a couple doesn’t meet the requirements, then hiring an experienced Divorce attorney Jacksonville, is fundamental. Hiring an expert is a bit high, and divorce also comes at an unexpected time. It’s a time when a person is bothered by many uncertainties, but it also demands that they think critically.

Tips to Getting the Best Divorce Attorney

Many people have lost a lot of money and resources during the process, mainly because they didn’t hire someone competent, and they have to start over again and again. These tips will help couples going through a divorce to hire the best lawyer on the first attempt and save on extra costs.

Go Straight to The Point

The couple might be going through a tough time, accompanied by a lot of built-up emotions. But this isn’t the right time to explode in the attorney’s office, because many attorneys charge on hourly rates. It’s more cost-effective to dive directly into the business they have with the attorney, discuss it, and get going.

Make A List of More Than Three Attorneys

Level of experience and professionalism differ from one lawyer to the next. Having more than three attorneys in mind will help couples get exposure, learn the weaknesses of each, and hire one whose level of knowledge and experience will best serve their interests.

Attorney’s Personality and Attitude

Anyone looking to hire an attorney must consider the attorney’s personality, communication skills, and attitude. Can they freely give their personal information to the attorney? Does the attorney seem welcoming and willing to solve the problem? The story belongs to the spouse, do they get time to speak comfortably and illustriously to the attorney? If an attorney can listen and shows interest in helping more than earning, he’s fit for hire.

Research Lawyer Before Hiring

They should check for every possible information that will aid in their case. Check if the attorney has the right credentials, their experience with similar cases if they’ve ever worked with them. It’s essential to also check for their experience if they’re currently licensed and their past disciplinary record.

Cost and Location

Before hiring a divorce attorney, it pays to look at their billing system, is it flat or hourly, can they estimate the total cost of the case? Location is also vital. During the divorce process, the claimant will probably have to make several visits to the lawyer’s office. Is it somewhere they are comfortable going to?

A good divorce attorney Jacksonville understands the state’s legal divorce procedures and claimant’s rights and has a way of fighting for them. When hiring, the couples need to go for the talent they want and hire someone willing to help them win their case.

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