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Online marketing is getting famous day by day. It is said that with time online marketing will take over the place of traditional marketing. But some people are scared to use online marketing as they have fear of using technology. To remove this fear, there is a person name Sean Abbott who gives genuine reviews about the marketing concepts. He thoroughly goes through every marketing plan first and then presents his reviews about the plan. He does not go on the facts that are present in the market rather goes with what he has experienced. This makes his reviews authenticated and trustworthy.

There are many people out there who do not even try the service and give fake reviews about it. This is something that should not be trusted. This is not the scene with as he does not favor anything and rather gives his honest opinion even adding the flaws of the service to it. Recently, Evergreen Wealth Formula was in rumors over the internet that it is a scam. So, Sean came forward and gave his views upon it. He did not write about it without trying it rather he became a member of it first and then gave a review about it.

After giving a review on the Wealth Formula he proved that no one should just believe rumors rather should rely on genuine reviews. People can identify among the fake and genuine reviews. The genuine reviews will be the one that contains proof of what is written. Sean Abbott does something like this as he provides genuine reviews about the products by showing every screenshot along with it. In the case of Wealth Formula, he showed all the proofs that he used it genuinely and then gave the review about it.

In his review about the Wealth Formula given by James Scholes, Sean mentioned that he did not make any money in the beginning but he was able to earn his first commission in the third week of its use. In the beginning, he gave time to understand things and setting up the whole process. To prove this comment of his, he gave a screenshot of the amount that he received along with saying that the amount was not that much but for the beginning, it is pretty good.

He added in his review that James Scholes was a helpful trainer throughout the course. He answered Sean every time he had a doubt. There is no doubt that trainers do not give attention once you have bought the course. But this is not the case with Scholes as he tries to give timely replies and also his speed of reply does not mean that the suggestion would not be worth it. He gives worthy suggestions as well. Sean Abbott believes that the platform is trustworthy though setting up the procedure is a bit lengthy.

All this proves that one should go through the genuine reviews first to believe in anything. Also, if one wants to read more about it then one can go to

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