Reviewing The Latest Trends In Wedding Rings And Bands!

More couples are opting to shop for wedding rings together. It’s no more about popping surprises, because let’s agree on one thing – wedding rings are expensive. When you are spending that kind of money, you want to buy something that is worth flaunting, and the good news is there is something for every budget. In this post, we are discussing some of the latest trends, which you must consider while shopping for a wedding ring in Singapore.

Mixed doubles for couples

Instead of buying very similar or identical wedding rings, couples are now opting for similar designs but in different metals. So, while the ring for the bride is a standard solitaire ring in yellow, the groom would be wearing a similar one but with no solitaire. This is a standard way of expressing that two people are unique in their own ways and yet united by love.

Ditch the diamond

Diamonds are expensive, and not all brides are fond of extravagant wedding rings. Instead of going for a standard solitaire, couples are now opting for other gemstones. Emerald and sapphire have emerged as two of the most popular choices, and the good news is these don’t have to cost a fortune. If you haven’t checked these options, visit one of the popular stores and ask for options.

Simplistic wedding rings

You are expected to wear your wedding ring for years to come, and it makes zero sense to buy something that’s high on maintenance. Check for wedding rings that are simple and easy to manage, because that’s actually in vogue. Couples are selecting rings that are nothing but simple metal bands in yellow gold or platinum. At best, the designs have some engravings, which can be customized as required.

Dual tones

Another great trend in wedding rings is the usage of dual tones and metals for the same ring. The band of the ring can be in yellow gold, while the part that holds the diamond is in platinum. Dual toned wedding rings are great for brides, and designs can be customized for the groom, as well. The trend makes sense for diamond rings in particular, because the mix or design can be created in a way to accentuate the beauty of the diamond.

Check online now to find more on wedding rings, and don’t shy away from checking your options at a jewelry store. There’s something for every budget!

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