You Need to Know the Law Surrounding Auto Accidents in White Plains

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident, it’s in your best interest to retain a professional White Plains car Accident lawyer as soon as possible to assist with your claim. They will represent your interests during the process and demonstrate a commitment to defend your rights. If you’re an accident victim in White Plains, New York, you should know it is a “No-Fault” auto insurance state.

You should also know that you must sue the defendant responsible for the accident within three years from the injury date. That’s where an experienced attorney comes in.

If you’re wondering about the laws related to auto accidents in White Plains, New York, here’s what you should know.

No-Fault Law in White Plains, New York

The implementation of this law took place in 1973. It sought to ensure that passengers, drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians who sustain injuries in auto accidents receive compensation for the hospital and medical costs as well as lost earnings promptly.

However, this law doesn’t cover damages for suffering and pain, which the injured person can recover in a 3rd party action against the negligent driver responsible for the injuries.

Therefore, two separate claims typically proceed simultaneously – a 1st party claim for benefits, such as medical and hospital expenses, and a 3rd party action for suffering and pain against the responsible driver.

This law is often confusing and comes with numerous deadlines, which you must follow to guarantee eligibility for benefits. For instance, the injured passenger or driver should submit an NF-2 form within 30 days of the accident to the No-Fault insurance or face the risk of disqualification for no-fault benefits. This can become complex if the injured party doesn’t know the car’s owner and didn’t have time to acquire the no-fault insurance information.

Under this law, passengers, drivers, and pedestrians are entitled to $50,000 in a basic financial loss for hospital and medical bills, incidental expenses, and lost earnings. Frequently, there’ll be an extra $25,000 in benefits (If bought by the vehicle’s owner).

When the injured party loses earnings, this law offers a maximum of $2,000 monthly for up to 3 years. To qualify for the 1st party benefits, the person should submit an extra form to the insurer. The form comprises three sections, including those for completion by the employer and the treating physician.

Due to the complexities of auto accident cases, you need experienced, seasoned, and informed attorneys.

The Charges You Can Expect from an Auto Accident Lawyer in White Plains, New York

The precise amount an attorney will charge for handling your case can be somewhat tricky. After all, every case is distinct. In addition, accident attorneys from White Plains have different fee structures, so you must understand how a lawyer charges his fees before hiring one.

Vehicle accidents in White Plains frequently lead to a negotiated dispute settlement. A reliable White Plains Accident lawyer is thorough in persuasive negotiations but equally equipped and prepared to take the case to trial if needed.

Typically, a settlement covers issues, such as lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and punitive damages. Generally, a New York attorney charges an hourly rate of $500, though most lawyers have a contingency fee. This implies that you won’t pay anything until you obtain compensation, after which the lawyer will take a proportion of the settlement amount or award.

Beware that no two cases are similar, but the typical contingency fee ranges between 30% and 40% of the settlement amount.

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