How to Stop Windows From Automatically Updating Specific Drivers

Automatic windows drives are the automatic operating systems in a computer that is developed by Microsoft contained with a desktop which enables the user to view the folders and files in the windows. There are various types of windows including windows 10, which is advanced with technologies like antivirus, and Windows 7 which is slower and with less advanced technologies. There is a serious need to stop the automatic update of drivers by these windows to reduce risks of computer crushing and also causing problems in troubleshooting.

The following are steps involved to stop automatic windows driver updates

How to stop windows 7 automatic drivers updates

Can be achieved by using two methods

Changing the device installation settings

Click the start key and select Devices and Printers button

Right-click the “devices button”

Choose on “device installation setting option”

A new window will pop up and ask you whether you want to download a driver software; click No, let me choose what to do,

Select the option of Never install driver software from windows update

Select the save changes option

Click yes if you have already confirmed.

Configuring local group policy settings

Open the start key and search for gpedit.msc where it will start the local group policy editor

Click yes if you agree

Expand the computer configurations, then administrative templates, expand the systems, expand the device installation option, and then click on the device installation restrictions.

On the upper right side, click on Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings.

Click enabled and then ok

Restart your computer

How to stop windows 10 from automatic drivers updates

There are two methods of stopping windows 10 from automatically updating windows;

Using group policy

Local group policy is where you can change the windows update settings to decide when you wand the windows to update or permanently disable the automatic update of drivers.

Open the start key

Search for gpedit.msc and select the first result to start the group policy editor

Search for computer configurations, then move to administrative templates, to windows components, and then lastly to windows updates option.

On the right side, double click on the configure automatic updates option

Check the options, select disabled if you want to permanently stop the updates, and select the enabled if you want to select a period within which you want the updates.

Click the apply button

Lastly, click the ok button.

Using settings

Setting option is used to pause updates until when you will want to install them for up to a maximum of 35 days.

Open the device settings

Click the update and security option

Click the windows update button

Select the advanced options button

On the pause updated automatic windows drivers, at the pause until, scroll and select the time limit to disable the automatic update of drivers

After finishing these steps you will never receive updates notification until the set date when you will be required to allow windows install and update new or latest drivers.


The above steps can be of help if you have a problem with automatic windows drivers updating automatically, to prevent your computer from the risk of losing important documents saved in it. The automatic updates can also interfere with you when using the machine for other work because the updates recognize when you are online and they automatically install and update even non-useful drivers you don’t need. Therefore Manual update and installation of windows drivers is highly recommended as the risks have a high possibility of occurring in case the automatic updates occur severally

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